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Listed prices are for limited edition giclees, unframed. Shipping costs vary by artwork dimensions and distance.  We are happy to provide you a quote for packing, shipping, and insurance.  For more information or to purchase a giclee please contact us .

Pacific Beauty
20x30, $600 Peace and serenity of light flickering off the Hawaiian coral reef.
Keanae Peninsula
17x30, $600
Keanae Peninsula in Hana Maui has such dramatic rocks and clear water. The lo’i (taro) farms rest on the peninsula with Haleakala in the background.
Pioneer Mill
10x8 $230
20x16 $475
Pioneer Mill CO. was the first plantation to grow sugar commercially in Lahaina, 1860-1999. Almost every resident had a relationship to the mill.
Mention the Mill today and it sparks fond memories. This image was painted to celebrate the 130 year anniversary of Pioneer Mill.
Kapalua Bay, Maui
10x15 $250
20x30 $600
The beauty of Kapalua Bay is recognized around the world. The water is always magnificent shades of turquoise, and snorkeling never disappoints. Offshore reefs provide gentle waters, and the islands of Lanai and Molokai give the bay an intimate feeling.
Waimoku Valley, Molokai
16x12 $250
28x24 $700
The clouds created an ethereal scene of steep valley walls and running waterfalls. Native plants and Ohia Lehua trees thrive in this environment.
Hulili Ti (dazzling ti)
26x30 $700
I painted this in my backyard with strong morning light illuminating the leaves. I feel that this is a very exciting image. I have the original painting hanging in my living room, and it never fails to create energy and comments.
Kalalau Sunrise, Kauai
10x14.5 $250
20x29 $600
26x38 $1200
I am fortunate to have an annual trip to Kokee, Kauai. I always have to spend time at the lookouts. This was a new spot to view the valley, and so spectacularly framed by the Ohia Lehua trees.
Nani Wailea, Maui
12.5x21 $350
20x33 $600
I painted this from the path to the beach in front of the Maui Prince Hotel in Makena. Kahoolawe is very close from this part of Maui, and Molokini has it's very own space.
Beach Day at the Ritz, Kapalua, Maui
9x12 $250
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
I painted this at Fleming Beach in front of The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. I often do plein air paintings in this area. A spectacular beach with Moloka'i across the channel. This day was a perfect one....mild trade winds blowing, calm turquoise water, long beach for exploring.
Kamaole Park,Kihei, Maui
9x12 $250
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
The beaches along this coastline make for great long walks, and exploration. The waters are always turquoise with many shades of blue. I have always associated Kamaole with the Keawe trees as well as Coconut trees. The West Maui mountains change attitude all day long with the movement of clouds and light. I painted this original before they installed windmills on the distant ridges.
Waikiki Beach, Oahu
14x20 $400
After so many years of assuming that Waikiki was becoming a narrow strip of beach, I walked the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and it is terrific! The sand is very wide, wonderful view of Diamond Head, and all of these old Coconut trees just growing in the sand.
Maui Glow
8.75x13.75 $250
20x32 $600
26x42 $1200
I had been working on sunset skies, when I decided to do a really large sky, with just a bit of coastline. The Plantation Course at Kapalua became the perfect subject. I have often been painting in the Kapalua area when there has been fabulous light effects over Molokai.
Makalapua Molokai
Makalapua Molokai - Plantation Course at Kapalua, Maui
20x31 $600
26x40 $1200
Maui Splendor
12x8.5 $250
28x20 $600
This was such a beautiful sunset. The coconut trees reflected little gems of color, as the ocean behaved like an opal. I can feel blessed to live on Maui and be a part of days like this one.
Maui No Ka Oi
12x8.5 $250
28x20 $600
I painted this from the grounds of the Wailea Marriott. The islands off shore are Kahoolawe and Molokini Crater. I feel that the islands create an intimacy within the landscape. Our sunsets on Maui are so beautiful, especially on this evening.
Beckoning Waters of Hana
8x10 $230
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
36x48 $1700
This is an incredibly picturesque waterfall, visited by most people on the drive to Hana. It is part of Puaa Kaa State Park. I loved the feeling of being invited to plunge into the cool green waters. The sun on the Red Ti plants and blooming gingers contribute to the beauty of the park. The original painting is 36x48 and was painted for a special exhibit at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in 2001.
Anuenue O Ukumehame
8x10 $230
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
36x48 $1700
I was asked to do a collection of paintings for the Anuenue Room at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Ukumehame Valley is a site where I paint once or twice a year. On this day, it was showing off a rainbow in the afternoon light. The newly planted field is sugar cane. After more than a century, sugar is no longer an industry on West Maui. This scene is now a part of history.
Makahalau Station
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
Painted for Parker Ranch, BIg Island of Hawaii, from the historic Mana region of the ranch. The painting captures the expanse of pastures spreading across Mauna Kea.
Wailea Romance
8x10 $230
20x28 $600
This painting captures the essence of a Wailea Sunset on Maui. The shoreline is warmly illumininated, kissed by the tropical tradewinds. Offshore, the islands of Kahoolawe and Molokini rest at the end of the day.
Kula Jacaranda Garden
8x10 $230
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
Every spring brings out the blossoming Jacaranda trees in upcountry Maui. The intensity of lavender and purple vary throughout the regions. This is a huge tree with orange ground orchids, tree ferns, and red ti plants beneath it. Across the lawn are white ginger and eucalyptus trees.
Kula in Bloom
8x10. $230
20x28 $600
28x40 $1200
Everything in this Maui yard was absolutely perfect. The garden had just been the site of a family wedding. I felt so privileged to be able to paint there.
Morning Shadows at Kapalua
8.75x13.75. $250
20x32 $600
26x42 $1200
Kapalua Bay is such a spectacular beach. It's the perfect size, with a variety of coral heads and reefs, the snorkeling is always fantastic. I have painted at Kapalua throughout the years, painting in the morning and then jumping in for a swim. Kapalua Bay is like finding paradise.
Ukumehame Valley, Maui
5.8x10 $230
14x20 $350
24x40 $700
Ukumehame Valley is located in the West Maui Mountains on the drive to Lahaina. It often looks dry and barren in the middle of the day, but is very dramatic in the morning and afternoons. I stopped and painted this right by the highway. This is a morning scene with very strong light illuminating the ridges of the mountains. Ukumehame Valley has many historic Hawaiian sites and great mana (spirit).
Honolua to Kapalua
8.75x13.5 $250
20x32 $600
26x42 $1200
Painted on a spectacular day at Kapalua, Maui, the view down the coast takes in the peninsulas and the sacred Hawaiian site located on the oceanside of the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. The island of Lana'i is seen through the Cooke Island pines of Pineapple Hill.
Hanalei Bay, Kauai
8x10 $230
I have always thought that Hanalei Bay would satisfy everyone's perception of Hawaii. Beautiful mountains meet the blue pacific waters of the bay.
Everything is separated by a crescent sand beach fringed with coconut palms
Kapalua Radiance
Kapalua, Maui
9x12 $250
18x24 $475
24x32 $700
36x48 $1700
Kaneohe Bay
Kaneohe, Oahu
9x12 $250
20x26 $600
30x40 $1200
Honopu Valley
Honopu Valley, Napali Coast Kauai
9x12 $250
20x24 $575
30x36 $1200
Presence of Kalalau
Kalalau, Kauai
10x6 $230
30x18 $600
42x25 $1200
Makahiku Falls
Makahiku, Hana, Maui
10x4.5 $230
32x14 $600
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Makalapua Molokai

Makalapua Molokai - Plantation Course at Kapalua, Maui 8.75x13.5.$250 20x31 $600 26x40 $1200