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Listed prices are for original paintings, unframed. Shipping costs vary by artwork dimensions and distance; we are happy to provide you a quote for packing, shipping, and insurance.  To inquire about a painting please contact us.

Kēōkea, Maui
10x14, framed $1600
Thompson Road in Kēōkea is a favorite of mine. The views take in central Maui, the West Maui mountains, rolling pastures of Kula, coastlines of Wailea and Kīhei.
The yellow gingers were in bloom in the pasture, sweet smelling as well as beautiful.
ʻŌhiʻa in the Mist
27x36, framed $10,500
I do absolutely love the Ohia Lehua trees, particularly those growing on the edges of cliffs. Here, the ʻōhiʻa lehua was surrounded with the ʻamaʻu fern whose new leaves are red. This was breathtakingly combined with the mist drifting across the valley.
Kula Jacaranda
8x10, framed $850
I painted this last Spring when we had a spectacular season of blooming Jacarandas.
This was a view on Haleakalā ranch.
Afternoon at Waimea Canyon
24x36, $8,500
Incredible afternoon colors in the canyon, framed by ʻōhiʻa lehua trees.
Waiʻānapanapa, Hana
24x30, $4800
Enchanting coastline of lava formations, black sand, and beautiful water.
Nani Maui
22x28, $4200
A winter sunset in Kula, overlooking the Wailea-Kīhei coastline, West Maui mountains and Lānaʻi peeking out behind Maui. A scene that promotes deep breaths and a sense that all is right with the world.
Wa’a Hale
8x10, 12x14 framed. Linen liner, walnut.
Canoe House on the beach in Kahului, Maui, a center of activity for Canoe Clubs.
Walking the Kapalua Coastline
27x37, $10,500
It is so wonderful to be able to walk the coastline without any buildings. The ocean has beautiful colors and lots of action.
Uʻi Kula
8x16 canvas, framed $1500
Above the town of Makawao the rolling ranch lands lead to Haleakalā National Park.
Follow the Light
30x24, $3500
This was a record breaking full moon. The starry sky was lit by a huge full moon, leaving a path of light. Is that land in the distance?
Kokiʻa Hibiscus
6x6 $550
This is spectacular orange-red Native Hawaiian Hibiscus. Each flower petals curls on its own.
Kāhili Gingers of Mud Lane
11x14, $1400
The painting is on birch wood, with 1 1/2" birch sides. I incorporated the wood into the painting.
Kāhili Ginger is a very beautiful yet extremely invasive variety of ginger.
On the Road to Hana
10x10, $1400
Just one of so many beautiful waterways you could pass in one day. You can stand right next to this waterfall as you drive the scenic road to Hana.
Reef at Olowalu
18x18, $1700
Canvas has a gallery wrap.
The reef at Olowalu on West Maui is a conservation ocean area with endemic blue coral.
Pacific Beauty
24x36, $4800
The underwater world that surrounds our islands is completely intriguing.
ʻĪao Valley
30x21, $4800
Painting the needle and valley walls of ʻĪao Valley is just an awesome experience. There is a lot of Hawaiian history here.
Pastures at Kēōkea, Maui
11x14, $1500
Just a beautiful morning to out painting. Surrounded by rolling pastures on the slope of Haleakalā.
Kula Blessings
18x24, $2450
Beauty of the slopes of Haleakalā.
Country Living
8x10, $800
This cozy home is tucked in with robust red ti leaves and the promise of Spring.
Kanahā Refuge, Kahului, Maui
8x16, $1400
Once a royal fishpond, today it is a waterfowl sanctuary for endangered Hawaiian birds.
Kūkulu ka ʻike i ka ʻōpua
18x30, $3800
Kūkulu ka 'ike i ka ʻōpua - Knowledge is built in cloud billows
These are the mountains at the back of Hanalei, Kauaʻi. Incredibly beautiful under so many constant changes of light and clouds.
Nani Wailele, (Beautiful waterfall)
24x11, $2500
A wonderful waterfall with many levels, and blooming yellow gingers.
Snorkel Time at Kapalua
27x37, $4800
The waters at Kapalua are so clear with beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. Breathe in and out and plunge into the ocean.
Looking Forward to Tomorow
16x20, $2450
The beautiful sunsets of Lāhaina, Maui remind you that we will have more wonderful memories.
Morning Walk, Spreckelsville
9x12, $1200
Beautiful Maui morning to enjoy the cove and coastline.
Promises for Tomorrow
18x18, Framed. 22x22 linen liner, Walnut, $2850
During the height of the Pandemic, this beautiful sunset made me feel like tomorrow the sun will rise and it will be a better day.
Happy Lāhaina Day
8x18, $1500 unframed
It was such a sunny day with clouds shadowing Molokaʻi. The ocean was many shades of blue and incredibly clear.
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Uʻi Kula

8x16 canvas, framed $1500 Above the town of Makawao the rolling ranch lands lead to Haleakalā National Park.

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