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What is a Giclee?

The Giclee print is probably the best thing to happen to fine art reproduction since the invention of photography.  For decades, artists have had to rely on state of the art photographic prints for one at  a time and small quantity runs of fine art reproductions.  Lithographic processes that require printing hundreds or thousands of prints were very costly. With the recent advances in digital technology, many new tools have transformed the reproduction of fine art.

The Giclee process requires that the original painting be scanned digitally and recorded. Giclee is a French word that refers to the use of inkjet printers, meaning to “to spray” or the spray of ink laid down on the paper or canvas being printed. 
Giclee printing uses archival canvas exactly like an artist uses, the only difference being a special coating put onto the substrate to receive the inks. Almost all images are printed using pigment inks due to the excellent longevity. All Giclee are UV protected.
Giclee prints should be hung as you would handle an original. Canvas prints occasionally wiped with a soft cloth, and paper prints framed under glass.  Pigment based inks should last over a 100 years.
Today, collectors have access to artwork that brings the look and feel of original oils on canvas, at an affordable price.  I can also enhance a Giclee with my oil paints and further the original process.
There is an additional cost for enhancement, please
contact us if you are interested.


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