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To inquire about a painting please contact us.


To inquire about a painting please contact us.

Floating Kamani Leaves
16x14, 1 panel 32x14, $3600
I loved observing the contrast of the floating leaves within the light blue ocean colors.
Molokai Beauty
SOLD-24x8, $1850
The north shore of Molokai has the highest sea cliffs in the world. It is a spectacular coastline.
Nani (beautiful) Maui
SOLD-14x20, $1950
The sunsets have been spectacular this year. Gorgeous, warm colors have bathed the island. This view overlooks the southern coast of Maui which includes Wailea and Kihei
The island of Lanai is in the distance behind the West Maui Mountains.
Ti TIme
SOLD-48 x24, $4800
I find Ti leaf plants fascinating. I love the way they reflect light and show off all of their colors.
Kumu Honua
SOLD-24x30 $4500
This is a beautiful cove on the Kona Coast of the Big Island. It has white sand and transparent aqua water, with incredible lava formations. The lava flow stopped at the water's edge. I named this painting Kumu Honua, meaning Origin of the earth.
Follow The Path
SOLD-23x32, $4500
This is the Sliding Sands trail in Haleakala Crater. We were fortunate to see the silversword plants in various stages of blooms.
We continued hiking to the far cliffs of the crater to Paliku Cabin. This is a very special National Park. We are so lucky to have it here on Maui.
The Beauty of Kaneohe,Oahu,
SOLD-11x11, $1400
Looking across Kaneohe Bay to the island called Chinaman's Hat is incredibly beautiful, and filled with nostalgia of fun times in the water.
Oneloa Bay, Kapalua
SOLD-8x10, $850
Molokai Island forms the backdrop for rolling waves,and beautiful colored water from West Maui.
Orchids of Koele
SOLD-36x18 panels, diptych, $4800
Beautiful collection of orchids found in the Orchid House, Koele Lodge, Lanai. Framed in gold molding with black edges.
My Special Place
SOLD-14x11, $1400
A hammock swaying beneath the coconut trees... A bay on the Big Island all to yourself. Is it heaven?
Waipiahi(waterfall cascades)
SOLD - 23x24, $3250
This secluded waterfall had masses of colorful plants growing wildly around the rocks.
Shores of Waimanalo, Oahu
SOLD - 9x21, $1850
This has always been a favorite site of mine. I adore the view of Mt. Olomana and the windward range of mountains. The beach has tidal pools and always beautiful water.
Waterfalls of North Shore, Molokai
24x8, $1850 SOLD
The Molokai Cliffs are the steepest sea cliffs in the world.
How lucky I am to have had an opportunity to be in such close proximity.
Late Afternoon, Hookipa
21x39 $5850 SOLD
What a privilege to paint in the late afternoon at Hookipa, Maui. It's incredibly beautiful to watch the warm sunlight illuminate the land and sea.
Na Pali Coastline
24x30, $4250 SOLD
Visiting the NaPali Coastline in the summer is a lifetime experience. The water is clear and calm, and the mountain ranges and cliffs are stunning.
Yellow Ohia
10x10, $950 SOLD
It was such a treat to discover a yellow Ohi'a Lehua tree in bloom
at Ulupalakua. The yellow blossom is known as Lehua Mamo. The tree is endemic to Hawaii.
Molokai Drama
24x8, $1850 SOLD
Looking down the North coast of Molokai to the Kalaupapa peninsula.
Such beauty!
Iao Valley, Maui
30x20 $4500 sold
Iao Valley in central Maui is an amazing, majestic place to visit.
Ohi'a Lehua
24x8, $1850 SOLD
In a deep valley, the cascades of waterfalls are masked by misty clouds. Ohia Lehua trees seem to thrive on the edges of the cliff. I find it so inspiring to discover these sites.
Beach at Makena, Sugarman's Estate
11x14, $1400 SOLD
This Makena coastline is free of major resorts, creating a feeling of timelessness. The view across the cove looks to Big Beach and the West Maui Mountains. The ocean is clear and radiates aquas and blues.
Maui Lani
11x14, $1400 SOLD
At sunset, the sky turned into swooping clouds and a beautiful palette of complimentary colors lit up the slopes of Kula.
Hanalei to Haena
8x8, $785 SOLD
A wonderful Kauai day comes to a close with sunlit clouds reflecting on the ocean.
Polynesian Sapphire
11x14, $1400 SOLD
A sunset filled with a collection of blues.
Sunset over West Maui
12x12, $1250 SOLD
The glow of the sky tinted the trees in the foreground. While the upper sky had delicate reflective clouds.
Anaehoomalu Bay
11x14, $1400 - SOLD
This was painted in plein air at Sunset on the Island on Hawaii. An unchanged landscape!
St. John's Church, Keokea
6x6, $535 - SOLD
St John's Church is surrounded by tall Cook Island Pines and purple Jacaranda trees. The south coast of Maui and the island of Lanai complete this breathtaking vista.
Ohia Lehua Blooms
9x9, $850 - SOLD
I recently enjoyed a hike into the East Maui Watershed full of native plants and wide vistas. I just had to do this little canvas full of blooms.
Kula Fields
24x30, $3500 - SOLD
We are so blessed in Hawaii with transparent water. I was on a low cliff looking into the ocean, watching the movement of the water with the colors of rocks and seaweed magically changing by the minute.
Beach Path, Makena
15x10, $1400 - SOLD
To find a spot like this and be able to paint on the path, absorbing the beauty of Makena, just covers you with the blessings of Maui.
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Kula Fields